The Filmaker

AIP 37 -Speaker -Marc Webbon
Marc Webbon

Wonderhatch, England

Topic: Can Films Actually Inspire How A Building Will Look and Operate; Influencing Who Will Use It, and How?

"The very best films - what makes them so memorable? 

They have to be entertaining, for sure. But the very best films can also challenge our opinions, galvanize our communities, and trigger real & meaningful change. 

We'll be exploring the power of films, and what they can mean for the built environment.

As Co-Founder at Wonderhatch, Marc brings over 20 years of experience in delivering content-driven solutions to many of the world’s leading brands.
Widely recognised throughout the property sector as creative content specialists, Wonderhatch provides premium film and photography to a number of key agents, architects and developers. Current clients include Knight Frank, The OWO, Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar.
Conscious of the increasing importance of content in a digital world, Marc helps our teams to develop beautiful and creative solutions for our clients which, as well as addressing their own very specific and unique challenges, really do work.