The Visualizer

phil hunter

BINYAN, England

Topic: AI & The Future of City Design

Phil is one of the leading 3-D artists in the international community, having worked on projects the world over, the creators of which read like a who’s who of global real estate players. With an eye for detail and a passion for innovation and narrative, Phil marries realism with a lyrical quality that speak to the heart of the viewer and create a bond with the projects he portrays.     

Heading up the BINYAN London studio, Phil works closely with the Australia and New York teams to bring the totality of the BINYAN experience to the London market.

With a creative mind for exploring and a childhood growing up by the sea, Phil is at home in any active adventure or worldwide travel. This, combined with a passion for cycling, surfing, and running, means that Phil is never bored outside of work. As well as being an architecture graduate, Phil has a rich background in the traditional arts and photography and is an eclectic collector of cacti.