Artist Credit: Ramy Hanna

Architecture in Perspective International Conference

Cause and Effect and other stuff about the conference.


Cause & Effect

Causing Change

Impact our great cities with decisions made today. 

Transform Decisions

Drive and influence  conversations.

Newfound Visions

Approach questions through the prism of visualization. 

Effect Tomorrow

Create the future of our world. 


Jan Bunge

The Visualizer

Squint Opera, England

Topic: The World of Virtual 3D Collaboration

Jen Riley

The Marketer

Bosa, Canada

Topic: Understanding Architecture through Gamified Experiences

Rebecca Mills

The Place Maker

Frost*collective, Australia

Topic: From Next Generation to No Generation– What Does a Post-Generational Future Mean for Our Cities?

Shajay Bhooshan

The Architect

Zaha Hadid Architects, England

Topic: The Role of Architects in the Metaverse

Mark Webbon & Patrick Gather

The Filmaker

Wonderhatch, England

Topic: Narratives That Help Shape the Future

Sergio Brodsky

The Futurist

Surge Advisory, Australia

Topic: Urban Brand-Utility (UBU)

Joy Nazzari

The Creative Agency

DN&Co, England

Topic: Place Brands as Drivers for More Liveable Architectural Outcomes

Ash thorp

The Artist

ALT Creative, Inc., United States

Topic: Self Expression in Design of Virtual Spaces


The Urban Connector

NLA, England

Topic: Dialogue and Engagement of the Village of Placemakers

Andrei Dolnikov

Panel Discussion

ASAI President, BINYAN

Topic: AI & The Future of City Design

Holywell Lane wall is the largest dedicated street art wall in London, and it is repainted every three months by locally, nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Village Underground is a space for creativity & culture in the heart of East London

Four tube carriages and two shipping containers were converted into co-working spaces. A few months later, the perfect location was found: the top of an old railway viaduct in the middle of Shoreditch, East London.

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Architecture in Perspective International Conference

Cause & Effect: Instead of thinking about the future, start making it!

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