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    Gregory DiNapoli

    Graphite Artist

    Greg DiNapoli is a New Jersey based artist best known for his highly realistic drawings of historic architecture in the medium of graphite. He has a growing following on social media with over 20,000 followers and his videos have received over a million views.

    In addition to social media exposure, Greg has been featured in several publications such as Artist’s Magazine and Creative Quarterly Journal. He has also been recognized in multiple international art competitions and has been awarded 5 Awards of Excellence by ASAI.

    The goal of Greg’s work is to keep historic architecture alive through his drawings. Creating texture is of the utmost importance as every blemish, stain or jagged edge of stone tells a story of the subject’s life. With incredible care and commitment, he studies how light interacts with each subject, and with varying pencil strokes and painstaking attention to value contrast, he attempts to creates textures that lift the subject off of the paper and bring it to life. It is his hope that through his fine level of detail, the viewer sees the beauty of the forgotten or commonplace buildings we take for granted today.