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Henry Elmer Sorenson Jr.

Professor of Architecture

Henry Sorenson’s primary professional responsibilities focus around developing and leading a freehand observation and design drawing curriculum for architectural students at Montana State University. Leading through example, he has maintained a professional practice in architectural illustration for more than 40 years.

Henry is continually honing his powers of perception, sharpening his skills in visual interpretation and suggestion, and challenging his creative instincts through practice and experimentation in the arts of photography, drawing, painting, and architectural and graphic design. The finely developed sense of visual awareness that has evolved from this self-selected discipline allows him to be closely connected and attuned with the phenomenal intricacy and beauty of each day’s unfolding splendor. And so, the simple act of seeing is something he never takes for granted.

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702 S. 14th Avenue Bozeman, MT, 59715