Opening Remarks: Industry Vision & Welcome

8:30am — 8:45am

Andrei Dolnikov

The Thought Leader & Host

Session One: Technology & New Directions In Future Visions

8:45am — 9:15am

Presentation 1

Shajay Bhooshan

The Architect

Topic: The Role of Architects in the Metaverse 

9:15am — 9:45am

Presentation 2

Jan Bunge & Cobus Bathma

The Visualizer & The Technologist

Topic: Convergence — The Future is Now!

9:45am — 10:15am

Presentation 3

Jen Riley

The Marketer

Topic: Creating Gamified Experiences for Unbuilt Architecture

10:15am — 10:35am

20 min

Morning Break

Session Two: Brand, Place & Experience — The Meaning of Future Visions

10:35am — 11:05am

Presentation 4

David Schwarz

The Experience Designer

Topic: Making the Invisible, Visible: Articulating a Brand’s Purpose in the Built Environment

11:05am — 11:30am

Presentation 5

Rebecca Mills

The Placemaker

Topic: Somewhere Not Anywhere— Our Future Cities Need Everyone’s Imagination

11:30am — 12:05pm

Presentation 6

Roger Black

The Strategist

Topic: Leveraging Software to Shape and Deliver Hardware

12:05pm — 12:35pm

Presentation 7

Joy Nazzari

The Creative Agency

Topic: Place Brands as Drivers for More Liveable Architectural Outcomes

12:35pm — 1:15pm

40 min

Lunch Break

Session Three: Creativity & Visioning Future Insights

1:15pm — 1:45pm

Presentation 8

Ash Thorp

The Artist

Topic: The Power of Identity

1:45pm — 2:15pm

Presentation 9

Marc Webbon

The Filmmaker

Topic: Can Films Actually Inspire How A Building Will Look and Operate; Influencing Who Will Use It, and How?

2:15pm — 2:45pm

Presentation 10

Sérgio Brodsky

The Futurist

Topic: Urban Brand-Utility: A Bold Vision for Creative Urban Resilience

2:45pm — 3:15pm

Presentation 11

John Brash & Robert Booth

The Developers

Topic: The Power of Imagination in Conversation with Andrei Dolnikov

3:15pm — 3:35pm

20 min

Afternoon Break

Session Four: Better Future & Disruptive Tech

3:35pm — 4:05pm

Presentation 12

Peter Murray

The Urban Connector

Topic: Creating a Greener, Fairer, and More Equitable City for All

4:05pm — 5:00pm

Presentation 13

Panel Discussion

Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Design

Neil Leach

The Theorist | Architect & AI Theorist

Phil Hunter

The Visualizer | BINYAN

Vince Frost

The Placemaker | Frost*collective

Shajay Bhooshan

The Architect | Zaha Hadid Architects

Ash Thorp

The Artist | ALT Creative, Inc.

Roger Black

The Strategist | Ballymore

5:00pm — 6:00pm

60 min

Tina Bryant


ASAI Awards &  Announcements

6:00pm — 6:05pm

5 min

Andrei Dolnikov

The Thought Leader & Host

Thanks & Close

6:05pm — 8:30pm


Social Networking Event



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