Joshua Allen Donini

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Joshua Allen Donini




Nashville, Tennessee


Types of Media Performed

digital 2d, digital 3d, mixed media

Artist Profile


J•D•ZŸN is a graphics studio specializing in creating artistic digitally-produced architectural renderings and conceptual designs. It was founded by Joshua Allen Donini, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Miami University.

“Digital 3D modeling had only recently become accessible to architecture schools and firms when I graduated college. I was asked by my first employer what area of the profession most interested me. The answer was easy — 3D modeling and rendering! He told me flatly that was not the path to take and morale faded quickly. Fast forward several years to a new firm where I took on a visualization role and was thriving until the economic crisis forced drastic downsizing.  While the building industry was readjusting, I was seeking to establish myself in the related field of graphic design. A timely introduction to an architect looking to market himself set me back on the path to architectural visualization. I’m thriving again.”
– Joshua Allen Donini

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