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Ben Wilker, AIA


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We are Visualization Architects


Wilker Design Co. was established by an architect with over a decade of experience providing 3D renderings for visionaries and professionals in the building industry. Using advanced software and modeling, they transform building plans, elevations, and even sketches into visuals that everyone can understand and connect with.


Founder and 3D artist Ben Wilker believes that in order for great places to begin, grow, and thrive, there must be vision.


“Communicating vision clearly in today’s marketplace is almost impossible without compelling imagery.  Architectural visualization has become a vital part of many businesses, including for use in marketing, instilling confidence in clientele while making tough design decisions, or gaining public support for a new project.”


Based out of Southport, NC, Wilker Design Co. is able to provide professional and timely renderings for clients across the country.

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