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The Granary Building restoration was a development concept put forth by a group of concerned citizens who were reacting to plans to demolish the building to make way for a new waterfront redevelopment of a century old industrial site.  The building was a chicken and egg cooperative built in 1929 and had been abandoned for decades. To many it was an eyesore, but with colorful and informative concept illustrations like this the community rallied to save the historic building.  It proudly stands as the first completed project by Harcourt Development in a massive mixed use downtown waterfront development district.

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Rick established Presentation Art Studio in 1983 and he provides traditional hand renderings, and illustrative digital simulations in a variety of styles that are directed for your specific presentation.  My most important objective is to visually communicate the character of a project and generate a positive dialogue between the client and designer. Whether accomplished through rough freehand sketches, or highly developed illustration, all must clearly establish a humanistic connection with the target audience.  Rick provides support at every level and at any stage of development and endeavors to bring success to you and your client through visually stimulating and expressive illustrations.


Rick is a multi-award-winning illustrator having received Awards of Excellence for watercolor, line sketch, and digital rendering:  AIP Awards of Excellence, 18, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33.

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