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    Rustom Tamayo

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    Last year 2021 I decided to make a big transition, I quit my job and decided to do what I believe I love and that is Architectural Visualisation. But because of my financial incapability I wasn't able to enroll to any training or courses out there that is related to archviz.

    But I didn't allow my circumstances to stop me from doing what I love. But before I dived to Archviz, I planned every step of the way. I look for an inspiration so I can keep the sparks going. So I search and search who are the big names in this industry, I watch a lot of free webinars and talks, and get inspired from these legends. From then on, I started to make a consistent small steps. Here are my works for the past five months of diving into this industry (see my portfolio), learning alone 3DSMAX and Corona. Walking alone on this path, and so far I kind of enjoying this adventure.

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    Quezon City, Philippines