Dear Member
Enclosed for your reference is a contract, some adaptation of which is currently used by an increasing number of our members relative to their Agreement for Services. It is provided for you perusal and consideration in adapting it to arrangements with Clientele. However, it is not the Societies policy that this proposal be deemed a blanket format applicable to all circumstances. It is intended to serve only as a guideline and further, strongly recommended that this Agreement be discussed with your attorney if you choose to rely upon it as a legal document.
In preparation of the enclosed Agreement for Services, some members have indicated other conditions which may be incorporated in the standard format, or you may prefer adding these items as special provisions in an addendum.

  • Specific references to a type(s) of illustration service(s) which are particular to your work.
  • Provision that you be provided color negatives and/or slides.
  • A period of time in which a Client may use reproductions for promotional purposes.
  • Failure to provide proper recognition which may entitle you to an identified amount of liquidation damages.
  • Original drawings, in some instances, that may be retained by the Client.
  • A termination clause, with or without fee liability for Client non-conformance with contract provisions.
  • Failure to pay fee preclude or waive any project use or Client ownership of the artwork.
  • Possible interest on unpaid bills after expiration of 30 days.
  • Client liability for legal expenses and/or arbitration costs to settle non payment claims.
  • Social security number of Perspectivist may be indicated to facilitate Client tax record.

The Society cannot be insistent enough that the enclosed model contract so provided for your consideration should be relied upon only with due counsel of your attorney.
Of counsel, Robert A. Costantino, Esquire

ASAI Sample Contract