Architecture in Perspective Themed Category for the International Professional Competition
Great architectural illustrations have the power of innovation and seduction. They present new alternatives for unbuilt spaces, allow us to dream of a better way of living and they jumpstart conversations about the future without the need for a single word.
Throughout history, Architectural illustrations and the imagery of new environments have been the perfect medium to test unique ideas and present questions that challenge the establishment and shake established norms. From Boulleé and Ledoux’ Utopian drawings of the XVII century, to the future of cities presented by Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, to the Techno Utopias from Archigram and Archizoom, and the futuristic cities imagined in film by Syd Mead; Architectural imagery has allowed us to understand and feel a new reality, question how we can leave the Earth in a better place and tell the story of a space that is only present in our imagination as an extension of the static image presented.
After an unprecedented year that has challenged the very essence of urban living and social interaction, we’ve been presented with a series of questions that make us wonder about the future of our habitat and the need for new kinds of home, office, retail, institutional and event spaces, as well as the general future of cities.
For this reason this year, ASAI would like to invite all professional and student illustrators and designers to dream big about the future, translate these ideas into a single visual and take part in the thematic portion of the Architecture in Perspective competition.
As Hugh Ferriss once remarked “there is a difference between a correct drawing and an authentic one”… ASAI’s international jury will be looking at drawings that showcase a higher level of authenticity in its conception, execution and storytelling.
We invite you to enter the competition with your vision of the future re-imagined. Deadline is July 30, 2021.