Artist Credit: Jose Trinidad
AIP 37 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize Winner

Architecture in Perspective 38

Deadline for professional and Student Competitions
June 30, 2024 11:59pm est

About the competition

Each year the American Society of Architectural Illustrators invites professional and student illustrators from around the globe to take part in the Architecture in Perspective competition. This international juried competition recognizes the world’s best architectural illustrations. Submitted artworks may be created in any 2D medium including drawings, paintings, renderings, and digital imagery.

The theme this year is Connecting Through an Immersive & Interactive Future.

The competition’s top award — the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize — is considered one of the highest professional honors for an architectural illustrator.

Selected artists will be announced on the website and awards will be given out during the conference. All award-winning entries and honorable mentions will be published online and in a commemorative Architecture in Perspective catalog.


The Architecture in Perspective 38 professional competition is open to current 2024 professional and student members of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. ASAI is an international nonprofit organization open to anyone engaged in the serious pursuit of architectural illustration. Read more about our story.

To become a member, or to renew your membership, please visit

Competition Categories

The Architecture in Perspective Professional Competition features two sections: Rendering and Observational. The Rendering section includes Formal and Informal categories.

A separate competition is held for Students.

Rendering: Formal Category

The Formal category of the professional competition includes formal presentation renderings, drawings, paintings and digital imagery of unbuilt and imaginary architectural works.

Rendering: Informal Category

The Informal category of the professional competition includes sketches and informal drawings, paintings and digital imagery of unbuilt and imaginary architectural works.


The Observational section of the professional competition includes field sketches, plein air drawings, and depictions of existing architectural subjects.


The theme this year is Connecting Through an Immersive & Interactive Future.

Awards & Prizes — Professional Competition​

The jury selects the finest architectural illustrations from a wide range of media, rendering styles and architectural subject matter for the exhibition and inclusion in the catalog. Awards will be presented at the annual conference.

Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize

For the professional illustration unanimously selected by the jury as the Best in Show.

Best Formal Rendering

For the most outstanding formal illustration.

  • Free 1 year ASAI membership
  • Commemorative award certificate
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog

Best Informal Rendering

For the most outstanding informal illustration or sketch.

  • Free 1 year ASAI membership
  • Commemorative award certificate
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog

Best Observational Illustration

For the most outstanding observational illustration or sketch.

  • Free 1 year ASAI membership
  • Commemorative award certificate
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog

Members’ Choice Award

For the most outstanding architectural illustration as voted by ASAI members.

  • Free 1 year ASAI membership
  • Commemorative award certificate
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog

Juror Award

For the most outstanding illustrations as selected by each of the three professional competition jury members.

  • Commemorative award certificate
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog

Award of Excellence

Outstanding entries selected for exhibition and inclusion in the catalog will receive an Award of Excellence certificate.

Awards & Prizes — Student Competition

The student competition is open to non-professional students, and includes formal and informal renderings, drawings, sketches, paintings and digital imagery of unbuilt and imaginary architectural works.

Student Award of Excellence

For the most outstanding student illustration.

Student Awards of Merit

For the most outstanding illustrations as selected by each of the three student competition jury members.

  • Juror’s Certificate of Merit
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog
Student Awards of Distinction

For illustrations as selected to be included in the exhibition and catalog.

  • Certificate of Distinction
  • Featured in exhibition and catalog


Professional Jury Panel



Mateusz Gawad is a visual artist and creative technologist with over 15 years of professional experience in multiple industries. Since 2015, he has been leading the visual communication department from HOK’s Washington, D.C. office. He also serves as a firm-wide leader of creative technologies, XR, AI, real-time adoption efforts, developing and overseeing visualization standards. Member-at-large on the Board of American Society of Architectural Illustrators, and a curator of the AECO track of the Real-Time Community. He is committed to advocating and improving architectural visual communication, as well as innovating the craft of portraying architecture.  


As Design Director of the Denver Studio, Craig works on diverse projects ranging from residential to research and development labs, and billion-dollar aviation and spaceport projects. For Craig, the design process itself is where his true passion lies. He enjoys the back-and-forth dynamics with his team, exploring different perspectives and lenses through which to view a project. He thrives on the ability to translate what he hears and voices into tangible creations.

Outside of design, Craig is a brother, a husband, and a father. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to pursue his personal interests, and one can often find him running on backcountry trails through the scenic hills of the Rocky Mountains.


Graduating as an architect in Venezuela and earning a diploma in 3D animation and visual effects from Vancouver Film School, Karem has a passion for creating architectural renderings. She brings over 15 years of experience in architectural
visualization to every project she undertakes.

Currently, Karem works as a visual media artist at Jacobs. With an eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of software such as 3ds Max and Vray, she produces visuals that captivate and inspire. Karem’s expertise lies in seamlessly
blending her architectural background with her proficiency in 3D rendering to create visually striking and highly realistic representations.

Student Jury Panel


Michael Crawford, Partner and Director of Design at Caldwell Associates Architects, received his Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida and Master of Architecture from Princeton University. He is passionate about the community-building aspects of good design and brings a dynamic, empathetic approach that ensures their projects are measured first by the success of their clients. Having practiced with both architects and urban designers in New York City before relocating to his hometown, of Pensacola, Florida, his experience working at scales from objects and spaces to buildings and neighborhoods informs his broad understanding of the connection between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Michael continues to expand the scope of his firm’s design efforts to a broader, regional base where his love for cities, spaces, and places positively impacts the lives of a greater audience. He has been equally adept at renovating an historic photography school, creating an immersive flight camp, working with children to design a new elementary school, and travelling to Wisconsin to design a groundbreaking healthcare clinic. Understanding the important role that architectural illustration plays in the development, creation, and communication of design ideas, Michael brings his experience as a practicing architect and planner to a productive discussion and analysis of the state of this integral component of the architectural profession.


Jim is the founder and Global Director of the Visual Media Group as well as the GTL (Global Technology Leader) for XR (Extended Reality). Throughout his 23 years with Jacobs, he has provided leadership in identifying and adopting innovative technological visual communication strategies and solutions. As a visionary leader of Visual Media, he has fostered its mission, vision and strategic direction related to service offerings, market/client development, identification and acquisition of new technologies, and hardware/software asset management. He has a wide range of global experience managing and developing innovative design visualization, interactive media, video, and information design/data visualization strategies and solutions for a range of national and international clients across all of Jacobs. By integrating forward-looking design visualization tools and processes, he helps clients to identify and their needs and requirements, then translate these into visual communication products and tools. Drawing on his background in architecture and planning, Jim works with his clients from inception and development of needs analysis and business strategy through initial conceptual design, construction, and the entire facility life cycle.

In his role as Extended Reality (XR: Virtual and Augmented) GTL, Jim will respond to the needs of the XR Market by developing digital solutions, tools, and processes to enable the future of work through advanced visualization of designs and data, immersive real-time decision-making tools (digital twins),


Tim McLaughlin is Interim Dean of Texas A&M University’s new School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts. He was also the inaugural Head of the Department of Visualization and served in that role from 2007 to 2020. Prior to joining the faculty at Texas A&M, Tim worked in visual effects and animation at Industrial Light & Magic from 1994 to 2007 and began his career at HKS, Inc. His research and teaching focus on digital characters, collaborative creative work, and expanding the visual computing workforce. He’s a board member, alternate, of the Visual Effects Society and an ACM SIGGRAPH Pioneer.

Entry Fees


Individual and Corporate memberships include 1 entry into the competition. Additional entries up to a maximum of 10 entries are available at a discounted rate for members.

First additional entry: US $65.
Entry Blocks: US $155 for 4 additional entries or
                             $305 for 9 additional entries.


The entry fee for students is free up to a maximum of 5 entries. Students MUST currently be enrolled in school and provide a current Student ID card at the time of entry.

Submission Guidelines

Artwork guidelines

  • Hand-done and digital architectural illustrations in any medium
  • Client-commissioned, self-commisioned, and imaginary works
  • Perspective and orthographic views

Submission requirements

  • Join membership at
  • Upload digital images
    • Maximum 4MB file size (Larger images may be requested for publication)
    • Images may be any pixel dimensions
    • High quality JPG, PNG or TIF formats saved in RGB color mode
    • Please name images as lastname-firstname-01, lastname-firstname-02, etc

Entry Process & Checklist

Terms and Conditions


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