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AIP 37 -Speaker -Jan Burge
Jan Bunge

Squint Opera, England

In Conversation with Cobus Bothma
Topic: Convergence— The Future is Now!

Jan Bunge, from Squint/Opera, and Cobus Bothma, from NVIDIA Omniverse, will discuss how the convergence of real-time technologies and techniques is radically changing the way we design, communicate and deliver projects in the built environment. These techniques allow collaborating design partners to contribute to a central federated 3D model from their current workflow, that anyone can 'inhabit' and use to clarify design intent, test hypotheses and make more informed decisions before construction.

At Squint/Opera, a digital creative studio and consultancy based in London and New York, Jan is overseeing creative excellence and technology. He guides the studio’s wealth of in-house talent across many international projects.

As a Partner, he builds long-term relationships with leading industry partners. He is instrumental in the development of Spaceform, a data-driven VR/AR tool to review and design projects in the built environment.

Jan’s wide network keeps him up-to-date on the latest technology and industry trends, which he brings back in-house, pushing the boundaries of Squint/Opera’s work.  He also works to secure ambitious, exciting projects for the studio, including their latest collaboration with Toyota and BIG for the Toyota Woven City.

An expert in virtual design and communication tools, he has contributed to Propmodo magazine and Voices from McKinsey & Company about the impact of technology on the built environment. Jan sits on industry panels, including the NLA Urban Innovation Forum and has spoken about technology and design at the Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

As a trained Landscape Architect – before joining Squint/Opera – Jan ran a lecture series for architecture and urban designers students at the Technical University in Berlin.