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The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (herein after referred to as “NYSOPRHP”) is in the process of obtaining Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) for Photorealistic 3D computer renderings intended for presentation purposes.  The NYSOPRHP would like to pre-qualify 3-6 architectural rendering companies (herein after referred to as “A/E renderer”) to be able to assist our Architectural/Engineering consultants (Term Contracts) as a subcontractor.  If your firm is interested in being pre-approved, then please email a qualification proposal (in pdf format) to Les Ackerman, AIA at the below indicated email by 5:00 p.m. EDT on 5/19/2017.  Please note that qualification proposals received after that time will not be accepted.
Project Requirements:
The NYSOPRHP is responsible for the design and construction of capital projects throughout the New York State Park system.  This includes renovation and new construction of projects such as visitor centers, nature centers, museums, park offices, park police offices, hotels and hospitality facilities, recreational facilities, bathhouses, comfort stations, cabins, and playgrounds.  3D computer renderings of proposed projects are required for formal Design Reviews, project promotional purposes, press releases, project signage, private fundraising efforts, and/or presentation to the New York State Governor’s Office.  In some instances, a quick turnaround time of a few days to a week might be required for submission of the 3D computer rendering(s).  Although the A/E renderer will not be required to provide design services, they will be expected to provide supplementary 3D modelling and material mapping to enhance the 3D design model given to them as the basis for the rendering(s).  Renderings might be required to be exterior and/or interior views.
Prior to starting services for a specific project, the following information/files will be provided:

  1. 3D AutoCAD or Revit file(s) of the project respectively in dwg or rvt format.
  2. Photographs of the site/environs to use as a foreground and/or background composite image, if required.
  3. Project narrative to include building location, time of day and date required for rendering, material selections, lighting requirements, “mood” of scene, requirements for entourage or other scene embellishments, preferred camera shot locations for scene, file format requirements, and timeframe for completion.

Upon receiving the above information/files, the A/E renderer will immediately verify all information is complete and satisfactory to provide the rendering in the required timeframe.  The A/E renderer will be required to provide one, or more draft rendering(s) to the NYSOPRHP in order to verify that the rendering(s) meet the project intent prior to completion of the final rendering.
Qualification Proposal Requirements:
Please note that your proposal is for pre-approval purposes by the NYSOPRHP and does not imply an actual contract for services (which will be done separately).  Please include the following information in your proposal:

  1. Name of Company.
  2. Mailing address and phone number of main office and of office where work will be performed (if different from main office).
  3. Indicate if work will be provided in the USA or offshore.  If offshore, indicate country where work will be provided.
  4. Indicate if your company is a certified MWBE in New York State.  Further information may be found at
  5. Contact person’s full name, position, address, phone number, and email address.
  6. Hourly Billing Rates, titles, and resumes for personnel (inclusive of administrative and management personnel) that would be involved in the provision of services.
  7. Typical cost range for each of the following 4 types of renderings (rates shall include scene specific post-production work as may be required):
    1. Exterior building and site rendering with a “generic” sky/ground background.
    2. Exterior building and site rendering with a photographic/composited background and/or foreground.
    3. Interior rendering with a “generic” background.
    4. Interior rendering with a photographic/composited background.
  1. Anticipated time frames for providing draft and final renderings for the 4 rendering types listed above(items 7a to d).
  2. Samples of work for the 4 rendering types listed above (items 7a to d).
  3. Three (3) references (with contact phone numbers) for USA-based Architectural/Engineering firms that your company has provided rendering services for within the past two years.

Thank you for your interest in providing NYSOPRHP your architectural rendering services.  We look forward to receiving your proposal.  Please address any questions in writing to



Depiction is looking to grow our Pittsburgh illustration studio, and we have an opening for an illustrator.


About us
Depiction is an illustration company that has focused on architectural illustration.  Our collective efforts have accumulated 30 years in rendering experience. We are looking to expand our capabilities within the industry and push into other avenues of illustration, art, video and education. We try to enhance our skills by continuing to evolve our process and the services we offer. The studio environment at Depiction is fun, passionate, enthusiastic and laid back. Nobody is expected to show up on time everyday. We do good work, and get it done on time. The work can be intense at times, and so the respite is as well.
This is a full time position in the great state of Pennsylvania (no relocation package is offered, sorry).

Please submit a cover letter, portfolio or portfolio link, resume and salary requirements to: