Dear Illustrator,

In January 2019, many American illustrators began receiving reprographic royalty checks. Since then more checks have gone out to more artists. These payouts are a part of concerted effort between Artists Rights Society (ARS) and the American Society of Illustrators Partnership (ASIP) to provide American illustrators with a share of international reprographic royalties.

All published illustrators are eligible to join and there is no membership fee.

To join, follow these simple instructions:

ARS will issue you an IPI (Interested party information) Number. This is a unique identifying number assigned to creative artists by the international CISAC database. Collecting societies require these identity numbers in order to pay royalties to the proper rights holders and to avoid fraudulent claims.

Once you are an ARS member you can then file claims for your published work. So far this year, our illustrator members have filed claims in four different countries: France, UK, Germany and Spain. More opportunities are coming!

Joining ARS will NOT interfere with your normal individual licensing arrangements. Your ARS contract will only apply where collective fees are already being collected under blanket licenses such as for photocopying usage, cable retransmission fees, etc. Learn more at our reprographic rights FAQ.

Here are comments from artists who have already started receiving royalties:

“I want to thank Ted and Janet and everyone else at ARS for helping us achieve a breakthrough in reprographic royalty payments. Thanks to ARS I’ve finally been able to get an international identification number and have filed claims with four different countries so far. My work has been published in the US and abroad for over 50 years, but until January of this year I’d never seen a check for reprographic usage. Thanks ARS.”


-Brad Holland, Illustrator


Image © 2019 Brad Holland

Dr. Ted Feder and Janet Hicks, and their very capable staff at ARS, have continued to be the strongest advocates for ASIP in finally realizing the goal of distributing foreign reprographics royalties to our member artists. With numerous works published from a forty five year career, I have personally benefitted from my ARS registration with different countries; and trust that ARS will continue their diligent representation on my behalf.”


-Frank Costantino, Illustrator


Image © 2019 Frank Costantino


“I’m thrilled that we finally have an organization to collect reprographic royalties on behalf of American illustrators! I’ve already received my first royalty check. Thanks so much to ASIP and ARS for pulling this together!”


Jim Perkins, Certified Medical Illustrator


Image © 2019 Jim Perkins

“I had never catalogued my life’s work before, and joining the ARS effort has been challenging and rewarding. I will continue to build my list of published works, and look forward to reaping the benefits as time goes by, as well as increasing the ranks of medical illustrators being recognized by the international collecting societies.”


Chris Gralapp, Certified Medical Illustrator


Image © 2019 Chris Gralapp

“As illustrators many of us work by ourselves and try the best we can to make a living doing what we love. When we deliver our jobs we often think it is the end of the trail for our art. In actuality many people in many countries have access to our art and copy it. With ARS I am confident that those Reprographic royalties will be secured and returned to me.”


-Michel Bohbot, San Francisco Society of Illustrators


Image © 2019 Michel Bohbot

“I just received my first-ever Reprographic Royalty check: what an amazing achievement for both ASIP and The Artists Rights Society. I evidently followed your campaign over the years, you had courage, perseverance in that generous effort and I am very grateful, deeply grateful for it! Let me know if I can be of any help, I’ll be there.”


-Etienne Delessert, Author and Illustrator


Image © 2019 Etienne Delessert

 The Artists Rights Society represents over 80,000 visual artists and is one of 41 international visual arts agencies monitored by CISAC


Dr. Theodore Feder, President
Janet Hicks, Director of Licensing
Artists Rights Society,

Brad Holland, Cynthia Turner, Co-Chairs
American Society of Illustrators Partnership,