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Lohren Deeg


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    Informal Award

    34th ASAI Competition 2022

    Runner Up / Commended Award

    4th Annual Architizer One Drawing Challenge 2022


    Sketchup to Hand Drawing Workflow

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    Lohren Deeg

    Associate Professor of Urban Planning

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to academic commitments I cannot accept new clients at this time.

    Lohren Deeg is an accomplished illustrator specializing in urban design, master planning, and downtown revitalization. His interests also include historically appropriate infill, urban housing, greenways, public participation methods, environmental graphics and way-finding systems.  Mr. Deeg is a member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (A.S.A.I.). Lohren resides in Muncie, Indiana where he is an avid cyclist and advocate for healthy communities.