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Basil founded PANORAM in his Miami studio living room with an ambition to do nothing short to shape the future of architecture and Real Estate. Visualization was his antidote to speak design to viewers with the touch of realism. Basil built PANORAM on five pillars: Developing authentic relationships, knowledge sharing, leadership, ethical transparency and humility.

Basil holds a master's in architecture from FIU and is CEO of PANORAM since its establishment in 2015. Him and his team use the latest CGI technology to provide the most high-end and sophisticated visuals in today’s market. His luxe imagery and creativity is requested in today’s marketing world to push the boundaries of design by the art of storytelling. Basil has over 15 years of experience in the architecture and CGI industry pushing the limits of design through unique and highly engaged visual styles and brand awareness. Basil is sought by high-end designers and real estate developers nationally and internationally to provide highly engaged visuals and creative brand marketing through artistic style to communicate design in its real-like form.

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