Jon Soules Architect B.E.S; B. Arch; OAA; MRAIC; Member of ASAI
I have been a member of the Society since 2006. I am an architect first and an illustrator second in terms of my livelihood and practice in Toronto, Canada. Constructing perspectives has been an interest of mine since public school.

What interests me now is how the world of architectural illustration has changed. Is it thriving or is it an outdated art form? The American Society of Architectural Illustrators speaks for an exclusive group that should continue to help define and advance the best of architectural expression.

I have been working with long-standing members Frank Costantino and Gordon Grice to prepare and present “Architectural Drawing in the Digital Age” to two local conferences. Frank, Gordon and I will be delivering our talk to the 2014 national conference in the spring. Other members have rallied and provided images of their work to enrich our presentation. It has been a collegial experience, and I would like to contribute my energy, passion and interest by being a more involved member of the Society.

Jon Soules is a principal of the firm of Diamond Schmitt Architects in Toronto where he has worked for over 20 years. His work as an architect includes projects in research and education, health care, performance and recreational, residential, civic and state buildings.

Recently Jon worked on design and construction for the LEED® Gold Burlington Performing Arts Centre. He has been working since 2006 on the 20 year, five-phase master plan for the 77-acre Regent Park Revitalization project in the centre of Toronto, Canada.

Jon practices drawing and watercolour and is a six-time winner of American Society of Architectural Illustrators Awards of Excellence.

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Patti Poundstone
As an architect, currently licensed in California, I have been practicing in the design field since the 1980’s. The past 8 years my focus shifted from architecture to illustration while employed at a cross creative architecture firm located in Los Angeles, CA. Working closely with many talented designers in the landscape, interiors, graphics, and architecture profession, I have had the wonderful opportunity to utilize my drawing skills. I have been a member of the ASAI since 2007, attended at least four of the conferences since becoming a member, and have been a several time recipient of the Award of Excellence. In addition, I worked closely with the ASAI Board to implement the first time Illustration Expo at the 2013 San Francisco conference.

The ASAI is such a great resource for connecting with others in the other architectural illustration fields, I would welcome the opportunity to support ASAI in it’s goal of reaching out to existing and new members to further the mission of the organization.

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  1. Are there no “renderers first” available for board membership? Is there any board member of any the AIA board who would state they were an “architect second” in the first introductory sentence? Are “Renderers First” (RFs) second class citizens even in their own professional organizations?