ASAI members are invited to participate in the 2016-2017 ArchiGraphicsArts International Contest of Architectural Hand Drawings. This competition is organized by the Russian architectural site,, as well as the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin. Participation is free, and architectural hand drawings (without the use of computer technology) are accepted.

The competition is divided into four categories:

Participants can submit one entry per category. Each entry can be presented as one image, or as a series of five images united by the same theme and graphic technique.

The jury will award 100,000 rubles (approximately $1500 USD) in prize money. The jury may choose to award this entire amount as a Grand Prize to the artist whose work is deemed the best in any particular category, or it may choose to distribute the prize money amongst several artists across various categories.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, December 20th, 2016. To submit, artists must create an account and register on the competition website:

Registration is simple. To create an account, open the menu (click on the red square on the main page under the logo). Click “Log In,” and enter a login name and your contact email. The specified email address will receive two emails: one for account activation, and one with your data for registration.

After completing the registration process, all options will be made available. Participants must complete the required information and then upload their images in the appropriate categories. (Up to five images, united by a single idea or subject, may be submitted per category). Images must be Jpegs, at least 2000 pixels in width. An explanatory note (up to 1000 characters) must accompany each submission. Contest participants MUST specify the original name of the work, techniques of execution, the original size of the work, and a short description of the concept, location of objects, etc. This information may be displayed in an online gallery alongside the artist’s name.

For questions and technical support, please contact

ArchiGraphicArts, like Architecture in Perspective, is a premiere International competition intended to showcase the best in architectural illustration. Additional contest information can be viewed at, and ASAI members are encouraged to participate.

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