Architecture in Perspective 28

Architecture in Perspective 28 -Catalog


This year’s annual AIP Jury was convened in Oakland, California at the offices of HKIT Architects on the sunny Saturday of February 23. In attendance were jurors Michael Reardon, Nataly Gattegno and Rod Henmi, assisted by ASAI Executive Director Tammy Horch-Prezioso, President Jason Shirriff and Catalog Editor Gordon S. Grice. The task was to define the art of architectural illustration by selecting 65 to 70 of the world’s best images from a field of over 350 entries, including both renderings (proposed architectural environments) and observational illustrations (existing architectural environments).

A month later, on March 26, a second jury met on the internet to choose four Student Award winners from nearly 40 international entries. For this event, jurors Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski in Poland joined Shane Thompson in Australia and Gil Gorski in the USA, along with ASAI personnel in Canada, the USA and Australia.

The following pages contain the remarkable result of these juries.

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