Architecture in Perspective 29

Architecture in Perspective 29 -Catalog


It has been a long while since the AIP jury last convened in Dallas – 27 years to be exact. Back in 1987, the second official Architecture in Perspective competition and the first Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize was awarded, appropriately, to Richard Lovelace, whose “wax-based pencil on vellum” illustration was strongly evocative of Ferriss’s own work. Juror Hugh Newell Jacobsen said: “Not only does the perspective dramatically describe the project at its potential best, but fires the imagination of the viewer in tandem with the concept of the architect.”

There is a timelessness to Lovelace’s drawing and its subject that derives from the simplicity of the forms and textures and the compositional mastery of the artist – something that Ferriss would approve of. There is also an anachronism about the materials used for the illustration: pencil and paper. Renaissance artists used these things to invent linear perspective. And in this era of digital wizardry, they can still be found, but there are many fewer people nowadays who can use them to create inspiring artwork.

In the past 27 years, a lot has changed in the world of illustration. But one thing is still true: there are exceptional architectural illustrators creating exceptional work. On the following pages, you will find dozens of new examples of this work, using paint, ink, FormZ, SketchUp, 3D Studio, Photoshop and, yes, pencil and paper.

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