Online Sketching Retreat!

The Sketching Retreat is a free 3-day online event, running from Nov 8 – 10, with 30+ workshops all about architectural sketching & drawing – both analog and digital techniques.

Sign up here:

All the workshops will be accessible directly at the event website (hosted on Teachable), you don’t need any extra apps, and you’ll always receive an email with the link to the workshops so you don’t miss anything.

The event will start on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. All 30+ Workshops will be unlocked during the first 3 days (cca 10 per day) and you’ll be able to watch everything for free until November 13th 2022.

Sketching Retreat in numbers:

  • 30+ different video workshops from professional instructors
  • 3 Days (+ 3 more for free replays of everything)
  • 3 Giveaways exclusive to attendees
  • 10,000+ attendees already signed up

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